The Evidence: Lack of Compassion Narcissistic Behavior Inability to understand the pain of others The tendency to act in their own interest Total Disregard of Reality Cruel and Selfish Behavior

This math program is great. Try it this summer. Kids can learn new skills and review what they have already learned this year.

           Ernest Gaines at Xavier University for a Big Read Event Author of A Lesson Before Dying A Gathering of Old Men The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman

Earworms are musical brain trainers that will teach you conversational language- Foreign Language. You can get Earworms on your computer, iphone or ipad. The earworms approach is the lexical approach to language. Words and phrases are paired ...

Dino Chess is a great game for children who want to learn chess. Also good for parents and grandparents who want to refresh their skills. Enjoy!