Herding Cats for the Dance

Herding Cats is the only way to describe a recent dance rehearsal for four and five year olds. The rehearsal was for hip hop, ballet and tap. Just picture small children going in many directions, wearing strange hats and tutus. My grandson had been enrolled (in hip hop) by his mother and now he did not want to participate in the recital.

We went to boost his confidence, cheer him on and try to add some positive energy. Instead we found ourselves looking at a harried and dance instructor who was attempting to organize these small children, who all seemed to have two left feet. Some seemed to be in another world far away from the studio. The children were cute but one has to wonder if a recital was necessary.

These children had enjoyed the class but they did not sign up for a performance! My grandson said it best “Other parents will be looking at me”. What happened to taking a class for fun without the pressure to perform? Or is performance needed at the age of four?

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