Life in D.C. or why can’t Congress read?!

This is my third and final week in D.C and then back to Las Vegas. This is how I have survived. Chuck bought me the large print version of the Metro Guide. I have been wearing my Nike Jacket that has pockets that zip. A pocket for money, one for my phone, one for keys, one of ID, etc. No purse, no problem. I am getting exercise just walking to the Metro and tackling these hills in Virginia. I have learned that even the train looks like no one can get on there is always a pocket of air in the back, just push forward. The Metro is a great way to get around but sometimes you need to take a cab just to see the sights. After hearing the testimony from congress I want to run over and hit them in the head. Why don’t they read the legislation! There is no excuse, these are supposedly educated individuals.

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