Signing Up for Soccer- Mission Accomplished

Signing up for Soccer. Recently I was charged with an important mission. It was a mission that I did not seek and the risk for failure was uncertain. I had to log into a park district website and register my grandson for 1st grade soccer. The rules were clear; registration would start at 12 noon on a specific day. There were limited spots on a team in a “soccer crazy” town. I was charged with this task because my daughter had a business luncheon. She could not sit there and pop up her computer to enroll this child in soccer. His Dad was flying to an appointment.

So, it was Mimi to the rescue and I took my assignment seriously. I reviewed the website and procedures. I looked at the training video (yes there was a training video). I set two alarms, one on my iPad and one on my phone. I trotted out all of my obsessive compulsive strategies. I had two computers and an iPad ready to go. I could not take a chance. What if the computer crashed and the connection to the Internet failed? I chose a computer with a direct connection to the Internet. I did not trust Wi-Fi for this important job. I printed out the code for the team. I had a notebook ready (why, I don’t know?!) At 12 noon my alarms went off and I was also off to the registration race.

But Whoa, something was wrong! The website was moving slow (probably all the parents trying to register at 12 noon). However, I was prepared. I found the right park, the right time, the right day and the right team. I clicked to add my grandson to the team. Simple, right! NO! A message popped up that said he could only register for grade 2 soccer. Although he will be a first grade student the website did not cooperate. The website was confused and I was now up the close to a nervous breakdown. So now it was back to the cell phone and I was texting my daughter.

I was also calling all numbers at the PARK District. All lines were busy. After much angst, we decided to follow orders (computer orders) and enroll him in grade 2 soccer. However, I am still calling and re-calling the numbers of important Park District officials and I am using two phones. There must have been some divine intervention because I did get through to a very nice lady who saw the problem and managed to correct the error and place in on the right team. She explained that the website was “rolling him over”. I wanted to add that I had “rolled over” a few times during the process! All of this prompted me to reflect on the days when I would leisurely go to the park district and give them a small check ($10).

I cannot remember any pressure. Gone are those days. For this registration we needed $65, a credit card, a fast internet connection and nerves of steel. Certainly there were deadlines in the past, but nothing to equal the pressure to get this small child on a team. However, I understood why this mission was so important. In this new world, children have to be on a team. This is where they will meet their friends. In the past friendships were made and developed at school and after school in the neighborhood. Now everyone must join the team. Mission Accomplished!

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