Traveling with a Kind Heart or The Journey

I will begin with a confession. Although I may look calm on the outside, I have not been a patient air traveler. Because I am a counselor and an educator, some would assume that I would be more understanding, more patient, more tolerant. However, I am one of those crazy travelers that fly at least twice a month. I am not a full-fledged business traveler but I feel that I certainly belong in the “expert traveler” line at Midway airport in Chicago.

I travel to enough airports that I feel qualified to tell you where you can get the best hot dogs, pizza, popcorn, etc. I can quickly assess which TSA line is moving the fastest. In addition, I can whip out my computer; my shoes, my jacket and my quart bag of liquids while some people are trying find the right line. I know which airport personnel will pass late passengers through so they can catch their planes and which personnel are hostile and angry and are looking for a reason to do that “full body search”.

I know how to smile politely and move quickly. Read more at

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