Traveling Grandma Exercise Program

New Exercise Program that is guaranteed to help you lose something, I am not sure what. After spending too many evening in South Beach drinking Mojitos, I decided to start a new exercise program today. I started out with my new shoes from the Walking Company (happy feet). I walked through the Riverwalk in New Orleans carefully steering clear of beignets, jambalaya, etouffee, caramel apples, etc., etc. I even had a mission- to find a Zorrow mask for my son-in-law.

I visited several shops and alas no plain black masks. All the masks had glitter! What the heck do bank robbers use!?? I continued on to Canal street where I spotted Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Of course I had to have a cone so I sat down and ate a swirl of mango and watermelon. They have a great front patio and it is a good place to watch the events on Canal. I then proceeded down Peters Street into the French Quarter and stopped at the Original Candy Company. At first the door would not open and I thought they were closed. However once I saw someone enter, I turned around and followed them in. I managed to stay away from all of the treats. I even looked a sugar free candy and did not succumb.

No Pralines for me today. However… I proceeded on down until I found a black mask, a plain black mask, that my son-in-law could use as Zorro. I was pleased with myself but now my feet were hurting in spite of my Walking shoes. As I was exiting the French Quarter I decided to make another stop at Pinkberry. This time I had a cup of their Peanut Butter. Yumm! I even sat on their back patio that is shaded and very calming. I had a hard time getting up. However, I was determined to try to walk home and I got as far as the W hotel when I decided to take a cab home. By then my feet were hurting. I informed cabbie that I was going home and not to the airport. He did not give me the usual snarl so I got in.

We had a pleasant trip and he even gave me his card for private airport pick-up. Definitely needed in New Orleans since I never know what kind of cab I will get at the airport. I am very pleased with this exercise program. I skipped lunch and counted the two servings of Pinkberry so I think I am ahead in the calorie department. Try my diet and let me know what you think.

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