Traveling with Children – a tip

I just returned from Orlando after a trip with my grand-children ages 3.6 and 17 months. We visited Sea World twice. My grandson has an interest in “killer whales” so we also saw the Shamu Show two times. My daughter and the nanny took the children to Disney (I was bus in a conference). We had a great time and this was our secret…

  1. We went early, parked close
  2. Visited only two exhibits both times
  3. Wild Artic with the Beluga Whales, polar bears and Walrus
  4. Shamu Show and then underwater viewing
  5. We did look at the nursery
  6. We ate lunch and returned to our hotel for a nap for everyone.

We had happy children and happy adults. Small children can only take in a small amount and it may be more important to have them see two or three exhibits. Seeing Shamu two times was a bonus.

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